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About Us

Turkish Canadian Chamber of Commerce (“TCCC”) is a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental business organization, which strives to be a conduit for exchange of information, expertise, and network between Turkiye and Canada on economic, social, political and business matters. In line with its vision to create bridges for its members and all other stakeholders between Turkiye and Canada, TCCC has executed a strategic partnership with The Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkiye (“TUSKON”), the most wide-spread and the most effective non-governmental business organization with over 35,000 members in Turkiye, which will allow TCCC and its members access to TUSKON’s worldwide resources – while establishing its own line of communication and network with Canadian business enterprises, think tanks, and government agencies.

TCCC plays a key role in helping the Turkish business community integrate into Canada while guiding Canadian entrepreneurs with identifying and exploring market opportunities in Turkiye. TCCC organizes bilateral business meetings, business forums, seminars and field trips between Turkiye and Canada. It also conducts market research to identify trade and investment opportunities in industries in which Canadian and Turkish business interests are mostly aligned.

TCCC is the best positioned organization in Turkish business community with its widest and strongest domestic networking capacity in Turkiye as it continues to strengthen its infrastructure in Canada. Today, TCCC serves its members through its 10 representative offices accross Canada.