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Immigration Services

TCCC provides information for investors, entrepreneurs and self‑employed persons who would like to immigrate to Canada as a business immigrant. TCCC members can have free evaluation and special member to member rates from immigration representatives and/or lawyers if they wish.
The Business Immigration Program seeks to attract experienced business people to Canada who will support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.
Business immigrants are expected to make an investment or to own and manage businesses in Canada.
Canada has three classes of business immigrants:
•    investors
•    entrepreneurs and
•    self-employed persons.
Each application can be made for only one class and cannot be changed once the application is submitted. The criteria you must meet to qualify are different for each class.

Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Disclaimer: TCCC does not directly involve application process. Applicants can apply by themselves or through any immigration representative and/or lawyer base on their choice. TCCC do not accept any responsibility of any claim before, during or after application process.